Prime Capital

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Creating an ecosystem, where access to financial resources are put in the hands of those that need them the most.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide seamless access to financial products and services that will accelerate Lesotho’s economic growth.

Problem Statement

The GDP per capita in Lesotho is fairly low and access to finance for SMEs and individuals is limited. As a result, a significant number of SMEs and individuals are excluded from the financial system.

The Solution for SMMEs

Prime Capital offers innovative funding solutions in the form of invoice and purchase order financing to high growth SMEs at discounted rates to solve working capital needs.



Purchase Order Financing

Pre-performance finance (financing required to fulfill order by buyer/customer).

Invoice Discounting Financing

Post-performance finance (based on payment terms with buyer/customer).

Prime Capital also offers business incubation and training services to entrepreneurs and teaches them how to prepare their businesses to become funding ready.

What Makes Us Unique?

Prime Capital restricts itself to sustainable. Clients go thorough consultations when applying for a loan to ensure that they can afford to repay the loan without putting their companies in financial distress. Therefore, prioritizing SME sustainability and growth. We also offer entrepreneurial training and business development to ensure entrepreneurs understand all the intricacies of their business.

We only fund up to 70% LTV  in order to ensure that SMEs are profitable, thus we ensure that the SMEs we assist are still sustainable and able to grow their business.

Our turnaround time is an immense advantage as we approve SME financing within 3-4 days. We are also cheaper as we charge 6% in a period of up to 45 days and a facilitation fee based on the deal.

We are on a rapid expansion plan as within 18 months, we managed to commence two branches in two different districts; to enable our reach to different customers.

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